Civil litigation

Our Law Firm deals with following cases


  • Cancellation of Documents (cheque,contract and Agreement etc)

  • cheque_payment
  •  Constitutional Writ Petitions before High Courts

  • IHC7
  • Constitutional Writ Petitions before Supreme Court

  • sup
  • Legal Management of Property Matters

  • rrrrr
  • Marriage Frauds

  • marriage frauds....
  • Partition of Properties

  • pppppppp
  • Recovery of Damages

  • damages-recovery
  • Restoration of Possession of Properties

  • eeee
  • Rendition of account (settlement of profit/money between partners through court)

  • aaa
  • Recovery of Money and Profits

  • money
  • Recovery of Loans and Bad Debts

  • 777
  • Stay Orders

  • restraining order
  • Succession Certificates (in case of death)

  • 110326pic53
  • Specific Performance of Contracts

  • contract
  • Suits for Dissolution of Partnerships

  • part
  • Sale, Purchase and Transfer of Property

  • fdsagfrgh
  • Varasat naama (in case of death)

  • birth injury


Recovery of Loans and Bad Debts
Our law firm is providing legal services for recovery of bad debts and loan by initiating civil and criminal proceeding against defaulters in very vigilant and aggressive manner.

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