Family Law


OUR LAW FIRM knows how to face challenges arising out of difficult and complex family cases. We have well-trained team, working collaboratively in order to win lawsuits. We are confident that we can achieve the needs and best interests of our clients. We represent clients appearing before all levels of family courts, which include dispute settlement offices, courts of first instance and appellate courts.
Family law is one of the most important laws that touch everybody’s daily life. People who are going to marry are become subject to the family laws and the rules,
OUR Law Firm guides clients in taking the best legal action concerning them. We are sufficiently experienced and professionally equipped to fight on behalf of our clients, be it in the case of the plaintiff or the defendant, in order to achieve success.

Our Law firm successfully deals with Family Cases relating to:

  • Adoption deed

  • adoption deed..
  • Appointment of Guardian

  • child custody..
  • Child Custody and Visitation Right

  • child custody...
  • Custody of minors

  • custody of miners...
  • Dissolution of Marriage

  •  marriage frauds....
  • Divorce and Khula for overseas Pakistanis

  • divorce law
  • Drafting of divorce deed

  • ghjhg
  • Divorce effectiveness certificate

  • divorce-decree
  • Drafting of family settlements

  • aaaaa
  • Maintenance of wife and children

  • article-2244303-16637DDB000005DC-413_634x486
  • Registration of  Marriage

  • Marriage_Registration
  • Registration of divorce

  • divorce
  • Recovery of dowry articles and dower amount

  • Dowry articles

  • dower...
  • Gold

  • dower

  • dower.......
  • Dower amount

  • dower amount
  • Restitution of conjugal rights

  • restitution of congugal rights 1
  • Settlement of marital issues

  •  settelment of marrital issues 2
  • Marriage Frauds

  • marriage frauds..
  •  marriage fraud

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