Rent Matters

  • Ejectment of tenant

  • Fixation of fair rent

  • Recovery of rent amount

  • Registration of rent deeds

  • Rent Appeals

What is the law for lease (land lord & Tenant Law) in pakistan

Law for the owner of property


The lease of an immovable property like house, commercial building etc must be executed in writing form.
If the tenant refuses to pay rent, the landlord has a right to terminate the lease. If the tenant refuses to vacate the premises the landlord may file an ejectment petition before rent controller.

Law for the Tenant


Tenant must ensure that he makes payment of the rent either through a crossed cheque, or where payment is made through some other mode, then a receipt must be obtained from the landlord. In case the landlord unlawfully attempts to evict the tenant, the tenant may file a petition before rent controller in addition to availing other legal remedies as advised by his counsel.

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